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    pillowtex01Employment Security Commission of North Carolina

    The Employment Security Commission of North Carolina (ESC) offers job search databases and information and services on unemployment benefits for citizens of the North Carolina. ESC caters to both businesses and individuals who need employment security and guidance in their employment opportunities seven days a week.
    The purpose of ESC is to provide necessary information and assistance to businesses seeking a qualified workforce and staff and to provide quality unemployment benefits. By using the services offered at ESC, individuals can find jobs and receive unemployment benefits and advantages.

    To ensure security and proper processing of information the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina allows for online registration for both businesses and individuals. By registering online, it is possible to file claims, fill out applications, download forms and find information on employment issues.



    The services offered at the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina for the business sector are abundant. There are services for New Businesses that want to apply for a North Carolina Unemployment Tax Number. Businesses can take advantage of secured services for Unemployment Insurance programs and Unemployment Insurance tax and claim services as well. The Business Services include information on Unemployment Insurance, wages, informational posters, power of attorneys, fraud preventions and detection, etc. There is also information on Unemployment Insurance claims and tax so that workers and employers have all the necessary information to make the best choices.

    There are services that allow businesses to list available job openings and to find the most qualified candidates for jobs through various databases on the ESC website as well as external websites. The option to save money is made possible by the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina through various federal tax credit programs. To allow employers to ensure a quality working environment and to make informed choices about a company’s workforce, personnel consultation is a service offered without any costs to make such decisions.


    ESC also offers services for Individuals who want to seeks unemployment benefits and be able to gain information on and use services for finding jobs. Individuals have access to their accounts where they can file for benefits, file their Weekly Certification, View their Claim Profiles and Benefit Payment History, and find helpful information on other technical issues such as debit cards and direct deposit accounts.

    Unemployment Insurance is a service provided for individuals by ESC so that they are fully aware of Unemployment Insurance programs and the ability to have economic benefits. There is also the advantage of a benefits estimator to estimate potential unemployment insurance benefits.

    With the ability for business to list jobs, individuals can use the North Carolina Job Bank and other job search databases to look for jobs as part of the mission of the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina. To further ensure quality employment and employment security, ESC offers services training and career planning. In order to promote Veteran Employment opportunities, ESC provides veteran services for employment and training needs and to give priority to veterans as required by law.

    ESC makes sure that its services are used effectively by providing applications and software for download, the ability to find ESC offices for personal assistance, and making labor market information accessible to all users.

    Through these services, people and businesses seeking employment security can find quality information and guidance for finding jobs and gaining unemployment benefits which is what the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina aims to accomplish

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