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  • Lear how you can estimate your unemployment benefits rate of pay in Norht Caroline.

    Many of our readers ask how they can estimate their ESC rate of pay and find out how many weeks of unemployment benefits they are eligible for. Happily, finding this information is really easy. This article will look at two different ways you can estimate the rate of unemployment benefits you can expect to receive if you lose your job. This information is useful for a variety of reasons. For instance, banks and lenders may request this information when assessing your eligibility for a loan modification or mortgage refinance. It may also give you peace of mind to know what you can expect to receive if you lose your job, especially in our currently unstable work environment.

    Employment Security Commission Route

    You can find out what your ESC rate of pay will be (or is) at this webpage. You website requires you to provide your last name and your social security 9-digit number. This service is available Monday to Friday from 6 A.M to 9.30 P.M, Saturdays 6.00 A.M to Midnight and Sunday from noon to 11.30 P.M.

    This estimate will provide you with the number of unemployment benefit weeks you are likely to get and how much money you will get. This rate is calculated by assessing the wages you received in your base year (52 weeks before filing your claim). The estimate assumes your base year begins from the day you request the estimate. However, your actual benefits may change if you are currently employed and apply for unemployment benefits in the future.

    However, note that this website only provides you with your state unemployment benefits estimate. Federally sponsored programs like the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program or the Extended Benefits Program are not included in the estimate. However, the rate of pay on federally sponsored programs like EUC and EB is based on your state unemployment benefits so you can easily calculate them also. For instance tier 1 benefits with the EUC program provide you with 13 weeks of checks of 80 percent the amount you received on regular state unemployment benefits. So, if you got $300 a week on ESC benefits you will get $240 during your first 13 weeks on EUC.

    Department of Labor Route

    You can also estimate your unemployment benefits by visiting the U.S Department of Labor website. This benefit estimation tool provides you with an estimate of the weeks of unemployment benefits you are eligible for and the total amount of benefit dollars you will be paid. The bonus of this site is that it includes your regular unemployment insurance, Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Extended Benefits available in North Carolina (and in any other state you happen to search for).

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