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    ct-unemployment-officewww.ncesc.com is the website for the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina. It is a site that offers a lot of important information and resources for a person or business in North Carolina. The website is loaded with tons of helpful information, services, and resources all in one place so you don’t have to go searching from website to website.

    The website also makes it easy for perform a lot of tasks online from the comfort of your home at any time, instead of having to go out to an office and wait in line.


    Individuals may use the ncesc.com website to file online for unemployment benefits, file your weekly certification and there is a toll free number listed in which you can call 7 days a week to file.

    Claimants are required to actively look for work and have to file a weekly certification every week. This can be done online from your home computer at ncesc.com. You may also use the website to view your claim profile and benefit payment history and learn about tax information on your benefits.


    Ncesc.com has lots of valuable information about unemployment insurance. You can find out if you are eligible to receive benefits, establish a claim, and what you need to do to make sure you receive your benefits.

    Credit CardsThe website has everything you need to know about appeals decisions and to view appeals decisions. There is even a link to help with foreclosure prevention services.

    Those filing new claims will receive their benefits on a North Carolina debit card which works like any other debit card, and it expires every 3 years in which a new card will be released. Ncesc.com contains an FAQ about the debit card to answer any questions.


    You can register for work, update your work registration and look for a job. There is a link that will take you to a list of job openings and there is also a state government application.

    A useful tool found on ncesc.com is the benefits estimator. You are able to estimate your potential unemployment benefits based on North Carolina wages.

    As for looking for a job, there is a lot of information and resources to assist you in finding a job. You just click on the link that says find a job, select the fields you are interested in, and the locations you are interested in, then you can view and apply for jobs. There are links for career planning advice and interview tips.

    There’s even a section for veterans where veteran employee reps can help veterans with their employment and training needs.

    You can also learn about WIA, the Workforce Reinvestment Act, a federally funded program that helps with employment and training.

    Business can use ncesc.com to find employees, list their job openings, pay their taxes, as well as file for unemployment insurance. There are also forms that can be downloaded directly from the site.

    On the ncsec.com website there is also a page titled Labor Market. On this page you can find workforce information, industry information, occupational information, and statistical links.

    Ncesc.com also has a page that lists every unemployment office, their address, telephone numbers, email, and business hours if you need to go to an office in person.

    There is also a link on Ncesc.com which provides helpful and practical tips for everyone who may be struggling financially. You will find tips on everything from buying food and groceries, childcare, looking for work, and mortgages.

    Dean at workIf there is anything you need to know about unemployment benefits, veteran unemployment assistance, looking for a job, filling out various forms, career tips, foreclosure prevention tips, or resources for business in North Carolina, simply log on to: http://www.ncesc.com. A wealth of information is on this site and you can find everything you have questions about here.

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